Virgin raw spirulina

Biteki     Let's start "Algae life"!! 
anan      Good for your body catalogue-
GLITTER    Feature! New Super food
soup.     Feature! Inner beauty
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VOGUE   Encouragement of algae activity 
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What is Virgin Raw Spirulina?


Add Tavelmout to your everyday diet without affecting the taste of your favourite delicacies. Even the most conscientious eaters will be delighted.

​Tavelmout -  the world's first virgin raw Spirulina
No loss of 100% raw organic nutrients 
Uncompromising safety standard
The abundance of nutrients will make your skin foundation stable while also shielding you from distressing stimulus like ultraviolet.
One study shows that feeding spirulina to mouse for 1 month has reduced 50% of skin inflammation caused by ultraviolet stress. (Yogianti F J Invest Dermatol. 2014 Oct;134(10):2610-9.)
Rich in nutrients which are beneficial to your skin 
Folic acid
Vitamin E
Vitamin B1,B2,B6,B12

Nutrients that will resist skin distress.

More than 60 different nutrients that promote resiliency in your skin 
Tavelmout is specially curated through our proprietary freezing technology whereby there are almost no loss of nutrients which are typically common in most heat-treated powdered-form and tablet-form Spirulina.  
Due to its odourless and tasteless nature, your palate will never get tired of it. Talk about boundless and limitless application!
It only takes 3 minutes to prepare!

Start off your day by mixing Tavelmout together with yogurt, fruit and granola.

Add it to to your fruit/salad bowl!

Biteki     Let's start "Algae life"!! 
anan      Good for your body catalogue-
GLITTER    Feature! New Super food
soup.     Feature! Inner beauty
ELLE Japan  Trend 2017
VOGUE   Encouragement of algae activity 
And more...
There are no restriction has to when you should take Tavelmout. You can take them whenever or wherever you want. We do recommend taking them at least once a day during the working days when you are too busy to take care of your body while you are busy taking care of your loved ones.
When should I take Tavelmout?
We recommend one sachet per day. But if you feel that it is too much for you at one go. You can always break the frozen Tavelmout into 2 or more pieces and store the other(s) back in the refrigerator.
How much should I eat per day?
Customer with warfarin should prevent their self from Tavelmout due to high contents of Vitamin K.
​Also please prevent it from mixing with warm food or heating to keep the nutrient as it is. 
Is there any food that should not eaten together?
Tasteless, odourless and healthy  
​Tavelmout; produced in Shizuoka, Japan, is the world's first raw Spirulina. We have spent more than 5 year of R&D to achieve safe and quality raw Spirulina.
(Patent Pending) 
Phycocyanin - A blue anti-oxidate compound which leaves your skin youthful and ageless
Phycocyanin is the anti-oxidant which gives Tavelmout its the deep green color.
Phycocyanin has an anti-oxidant capability 20 times higher than Vitamin C
Premium natural oil that keeps your skin moisturised
Gamma Linoleic acid is a form of premium oil which only exists in the human breast milk or the Evening-primrose. Other than hydrating your skin, this wonder acid is also used widely by many to treat eczema. 
​Delicious and easy to continue 
​When your skin feels dry despite of adequate care.
On special occasions
Whenever you feel you are lacking in nutrients 

Add it to your smoothie!

Refresh your palate with an abundance of nutrients by adding Tavelmout to your smoothie while you quench your thirst away in sunny Singapore.

No Additives
No Pesticides

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